If you’ve not heard about Loom yet, the chances are you will do very soon. The Loom video recorder is a great piece of software that lets you record short videos using your camera, desktop computer and microphone at the same time as sharing your screen so you can explain and demonstrate all in one go. 
At CAD Bureau we have started using Loom because as a technical training company that works in the visual and often very complicated world of CAD design and training, we need to be able to convey our messages and thoughts accurately and sometimes words take too long and complicate the topic even further. 
We have found Loom to be a great solution for our business, and it’s also added value to our clients. For example, if our team wants to answer a question about a particular tool or software function within the AutoCAD platform creating a quick Loom video is a great way to explain this. Loom also adds a personal connection to our clients as we are able to personalise the content to meet our client's specific needs. 
So next time you need some support don’t be surprised if we send you back a link to a Loom video. 
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