Autodesk Authorised Academic Partner Program 

Prepare Institutions and Students for Success 
Support and resources for students, schools, colleges & universities 

How can an Autodesk Authorised Academic Partner help? 

FREE Education Software (External Link) 
Training in Autodesk Software 
Guidance towards professional certification. 
Integrate Autodesk software into student projects & Curriculum 
15% discount from CAD Bureau 
Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI) Program. 
Introduction to the Autodesk Education Community. 
Full Support Network 
Autodesk student & educator expert development. 
Worldwide Design Competitions 
Swansea College of Art - DesignNow with Fusion 360. 
Whether you are thinking about implementing 2D or 3D designs skills for your students or you currently already do so, then the Autodesk Academic Partner Program will give you a powerful advantage. 
Its extremely difficult to stay current and up to date with change in design software and how to prepare your students for the changes in the workplace that software changes dictate. For example many principles from only a few years ago may already be considered out of date by employers. 
By offering support, certification, and other services the Autodesk Authorised Academic Partner program helps schools, colleges and universities keep their curriculum in line with the latest software enhancements from Autodesk. 
Autodesk Authorised Academic Partners possess expert knowledge about our products and solutions and have many years experience of applying that knowledge. with their help, educators can build and enhance skills with Autodesk Software, integrate it into their curricula and build a pool of on site educators and student experts with the skills for success beyond the classroom. 
Help students succeed 
The primary goal of the AAP program is to help students succeed and to prepare them for employment in their chosen career.  
To support this goal, partners provide a variety of services to both educators and students, doing everything from providing lesson plans and teaching courses in the classroom to sharing best practices and setting up design clubs. 
Free Software for Students and Institutions 
Cost is the main reason for not implementing an Autodesk software program and many institutions have opted for cheaper software packages. 
These inferior products mean that the students have to UNLEARN what they have been taught placing them at a disadvantage with employers - the exact opposite of what should be achieved. Each student can now download their software FREE for three years and the teachers / academic institution can create a Academic Resource Center (ARC) Account. 
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